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“I Left In Tears” or How Not to Have a Horrible Experience at a Makeup Counter

I am sure all of you have at least one horrid tale when it comes to your experiences of shopping for makeup. From the majority of my experiences of helping customer with makeup, I hind that either the sales person really shouldn’t be doing this or the person shopping really shouldn’t be interacting with people, or at least not on that day.

I am going to give you some good advice from someone who has been on both sides of the makeup counter. This should help you avoid a bad experience the next time you shop for makeup.

First off, know what you are looking for. Do you want a staple product you always buy or do you want to try something new?
Figuring this out will save you and the sales person a lot of time.
If you want a specific makeup look or product, bring in the ad or magazine page of the look you like. Again, avoiding the whole, “ I think it is a shadow called Bone but I’m not sure if it’s Bobbi or Stila” conversation.
Knowing what you want takes out any possibility for a purchase that you will regret.
If it is a new look you want, try to bring an image of the style of makeup, be it it be eyes lips or an entire face. Also, try to stick to brands that train the artists working for them.
MAC, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura and Nars, usually always have more then competent artists working for them.
Now, just because the artist may have a full smokey eye in 5 shades of green doesn’t mean that she is not capable of doing a clean and natural look. Did she do a good job on her foundation? Is her eye makeup flawlessly blended? If so, she could probably do just about anything.
If her face looks like she applied spackle with a butter knife, well, maybe she is not the one to do your makeup.
Remember, if you are in a metropolitan city, your artist has probably done several professional jobs as well as sales, maybe photo shoots, runway shows or even famous personalities.
It never hurts to ask.

The following is a list of things to avoid ever saying or doing when shopping for cosmetics-

-When trying on a lipstick don’t ask, “What do you think?”
What matters is what you think. Do you like it or not? It’s not rocket science.

-Asking to see new colors that are different from what you would normally choose then saying, “Oh I would never wear that color.” Um, really?

-Don’t ask for samples unless they are offered, especially if you haven’t bought something. Yes, they want to promote the product but, usually the amount of samples given to a counter are few and no one wants to have to tell a customer “No”.
Trust me, if they have them they will give them to you, especially if you are buying.
You have no idea of how many people just walk up to counters all day long and ask, “You have any samples?” Hello? This is a business they are trying to run, not a free makeup vending machine.

-Be honest. If you don’t like the sparkling turquoise shadow he is about to smother your lid with, SPEAK UP! You have an opinion and they need to hear it to guide the sale and better your experience. They may be talented but not many read minds.

-If you are just interested in buying a lipstick, don’t sit down and have them do a full face of makeup on you. They are not there for you to kill time, they have usually pretty high goal$ to make, so be courteous and let them know what you want and don’t want.
Trust me, they wont be offended.

-Oh, and last but not least, returning makeup that has been used and kept for months, well, that’s just tacky. If something doesn’t work for you remember, you had a chance to try it out at the store. If you did that and it just doesn’t wear well or you have a reaction to it (highly unlikely, due to that fact that if your going to have an allergic reaction it will usually happen with in five minutes of applying the product) then bring it back promptly and to the same counter you bought it at. It’s only fair, that return is going to come out of the sales goal for that day, so doing it at another location is just mean.

Following these basic rules, keeping in mind that the makeup artist/sales person really does want you to leave happy and just being polite will help insure a better experience.
You are in the hands of professionals, if you have a bad experience, by all means talk to the counter manager, but before you do, ask your self if you have broken any of the above rules of conduct.
Remember, makeup should be fun and make you feel good!


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I loved your makeup tips! Some of them made me laugh! I am a writer for Beauty Secrets 101 and recently posted a blog about foundation in which I referenced your blog.


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