Thursday, January 19, 2006

Does your Dude Need To Improve?

I'm not talking about the fact that he forgets to feed the cat or wears the same pair of underwear for three days in a row. Does he really do that? Uh-hum, well any way, I am talking he is a hottie with out a clue. You know there is some nice skin and stylish hair just waiting to be seen, but he needs a hand, right?
Well, I have a one-stop solution for even the most low-maintenance man.
Not only will this barber inspired line not make him feel girly, he won’t even have to be able to read! The packaging makes it that simple.
Check out the Sharps shave gel for starters. It goes on clear for those dudes with the fancy facial hair (so you can see what the hell you are doing) preventing him from cutting off any blemishes leading to a gory blood fest. It is cooling, conditioning and gives a super smooth slide. Have him follow this with the After Shave for a refreshing light and oil free moisturizing finish.
Next, ease him into exfoliating. We know how important it is, but all he needs to know is it will make his shaving easier not to mention get rid of blackheads, unwanted oil and dirt and it is scrubby enough that he will still feel butch doing it. You can use it too. Made with marble powder the particles are totally round so they don’t scratch the skin. Again, too much info for him but hey, if he asks…
Last but not least, moisturizer! Yes, men view this as adding stuff to their skin they don’t need, but it is your job to point out the scary bum on the train and say, ” do you want to look like that?”
He will get the picture. Loaded with every new techno service any fancy face cream you would use but, light weight (they spent two years developing it!) and at half the price.
As far as hair well, one word - GUCK!
That’s right! Guck In A Puck either hard or soft, will give him the hair distinction he needs. Be it a spiked faux-hawk or a clean, combed down-doo, it works!
Go to the links and check it out!
As for the chicks, the deodorant is super popular and The lip stuff is also great. It holds on color and moisturizes with out being gooey.
Plus, I met the dudes who started the company and they are super cool, and supporting cool is cool.

geishas are groovy!


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