Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dior Daaaahling!

O.K. seriously, I know the adds can be a little over the top, but how cool is the Dior Gourmette bracelet? But, please, Barbara Please! Wash your hands before sticking you fingers in that gloss and touching your lips, EW!
Talk about COLOR, I love Dior eye shadows. O.K. first of all, I know not everyone wants to wear pink eye shadow and they seem to make it every single season, but you might be surprised how good it looks on you.
Oh and can we talk about the texture?
Insane! It smoothes on like buttah. No really, no dusty clouds of stuff getting in you eye (A.K.A. Bobbi Bland)
Love them.
So, I am so sick of hearing "I want to look natural."
Um, so why are you wanting makeup then????
But, for all you Nature junkies the new Dior eye palette can give you a pretty and 'natural' look.
Check it out on
The web site is super slick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your insight to eye shadow. I am going to have to look in to that! I wrote a blog about eye shadow as well. Check it out at!


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