Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Cat (eye) is Out of the Bag

Photo: Don Ashby/Model: Ten Haken-Elite
You may have noticed a large number of fashion editorials and runway looks touting a wicked winged cat eye with a classic red lip. Now to some of you this is a total fashion don’t and something to be left on the runway or the cover of W but, for those of you who want to give it a whirl, you may be surprised at how good it actually looks.
If you are a fair beauty or a golden skinned goddess, the look is actually pretty easy to achieve with minimal practice.
First off, as always with any look, start with an even complexion. My fave foundation of course, would be Shu Uemura Water Perfect liquid foundation. It gives a flawless dewy complexion. For those who need more coverage, try Shu Uemura Nobara. But whatever you like to use, just make sure it is even and clean looking.
Next would be your brows. Try to brush them into a nice classic arch. If they are thin fill them in with a powder that matches your hair color. As far as eye shadow goes, well keep it neutral and clean. Just something that will even out your lid and not be noticeable. You can even use a little of your foundation and set it with a sheer powder. Try the brow set by Smash Box, really the ony thing worth getting from them.
Now, the Cat Eye. O.k. I know that if you have never used liquid liner it can seem old fashioned and just plain scary. Flash backs of grannies with beehive hair do’s wearing lime green polyester may come to mind but, that is not you and you are not sitting in front of slot machines with Pall Mall 100’s dangling from your lip’s. Well, you aren’t are you? O.k. then.

I highly recommend practicing on the fat part of the palm of your hand. This will get you comfortable with the flow of the liquid and how to make a thin or fat line. Take your time and do a little practicing, it will take a few try’s but don’t give up. Remember, it will always look better to end with the liner going up at the end like a little cats tail. I highly recommend using a pen style liquid liner as opposed to the brush type that you dip. These kind tend to be messy and dry thick. Also, when applying the liner, use a free index finger to pull up your brow a bit, this will smooth out the lash line and make application much easier.
My favorite liners to do this with are…ready? Playboy’s pick up liner and Shu Uemura Refillable Liquid Liner. Both are a pen style. That’s right I said Playboy!
This stuff goes on so easy and doesn’t move. The bad thing is it doesn’t really come off easy so practice, practice, practice!
If you really are mad about fashion and just have to have the total look then you will need false lashes, but that is a whole other post. If you decide to do it, try the half sets of lashes by MAC or any of the stunning lashes you can find by Shu.
Next, Curl your lashes!!!
I don’t care how scary you think this is, if you do it before you put on your mascara and use a clean lash curler (Shu Uemura, Kevin Aucoin) you will not hurt your lashes.
Honestly, don’t even bother with mascara if you aren’t going to curl your lashes first.
What’s the point?
Enough said.
No need to go insane on the mascara. A clean look is better. My top three favorite mascaras are Shu Uemura’s original mascara, MAC Pro Lash and Anna Sui’s Volume. I also like Fresh’s Super Nova but I don’t like the wand so much.
You’re almost done. The only thing left is to pick a good red color. If you are Blond with light skin and eyes, go with a blue red or cool red. If you are a strawberry blond go with a pinky or coral red. Brunettes and darker, it will depend on your skin tone. Warm tones stay away from blue reds and stick to warm reds. For an up dated and not so severe look try using your favorite lip balm and applying Blood work lip gloss from NARS. It will give you an intense sheer shiny red lip. Remember, red lipsticks have A LOT of pigment and may dry your lips a bit, so always use a lip balm first.
Finish your face with a little loose translucent powder and just a touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Keep your check tone in line with your lips. If you are wearing a warm red keep it peachy the new Sakura blush from SHU is great as well as Deep throat from NARS.
If it is a cool red try Tart’s Kitten Heel or Stila’s Bloom.
Good luck and remember, makeup is supposed to be fun. Try to keep your hair classic and simple. A pulled back ponytail pumped up in the front a little in the front is always good. Just look at Gwen Stephanie for pointers.
Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of complements!


Anonymous Ana said...

Should I wear powder over the liquid foundation? If yes, which one?

5:04 PM  
Blogger LipStickFace said...

To answer the powder question- a loose powder is preffered over foundation. I always recomend the Shu Uemura translucent powder. But, if you like a pressed powder the new YSL compact pressed powder is AMAZING!
yours truly,

6:49 PM  

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